Enterprise Agile Adoption

SolutionsIQ Enterprise Agile Adoption is a comprehensive program for organizations that have implemented Agile practices at the team level and want to scale Agile throughout the enterprise.

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Agile Team Accelerator

SolutionsIQ Agile Team Accelerator empowers companies that are new to Agile development practices with the tools they need to hit the ground running.

By giving your development team expert coaching and guidance when it makes the biggest difference, your company can rapidly launch into delivering your software delivery objectives while establishing effective practices from the beginning:

  • Foundational Scrum instruction for the whole team
  • Pre-Sprint preparation and post-Sprint evaluation
  • User Story workshops
  • Product Backlog preparation and prioritization
  • Product team environment preparation
  • Sprint planning and task estimation facilitation
  • Virtual coaching support for a team review meeting
  • Remote coaching during some of the team's Daily Standups
  • On-site coaching through your Sprint Review and Retrospective and next Sprint Planning

What happens in the Agile Team Accelerator program?

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An Agile Team Accelerator engagement is an intensive, 3-week coaching and hands-on training exercise which supports your Scrum team's next Sprint:

SolutionsIQ Agile Team Accelerator

  • During the first week, the Product Owner, Scrum Master, and the team receive an introduction to Agile practices, prepare the Product Backlog for work, and re-invent their physical team environment for Agile development work.
  • In weeks two and three, your Agile Coaches use remote video conferencing to guide the team through the Sprint.
  • At the end of week three, your Agile Coaches return onsite to help organize the Sprint Review and Retrospective, and plan the next Sprint.
  • At the completion of the engagement, your SolutionsIQ coaches will provide recommendations and "next steps" covering your team's completed Sprint, and suggest avenues for future improvement.

With hands-on experience working with your project team, your Agile coaches make sure that you have the tools you need to continue benefitting from the Scrum process.

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