Agile Workshops for Executives

SolutionsIQ offers two comprehensive workshops that help executives learn what to expect and how to prepare for a successful transition to an Agile organization.

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Agile at Scale

Agile adoption is on the rise. More and more companies are looking to leverage the benefits of Agile by adopting it organization-wide.

"Going Agile" requires broad technical, organizational, and process changes. The full potential of agility is realized by leveraging Agile values, principles, and practices throughout the company.

Enterprise Agile Adoption

Successful large-scale adoption of Agile involves far-reaching changes at the individual, team, and organizational level. Agile at Scale from SolutionsIQ is a comprehensive program for software development and enterprise IT organizations who have had success implementing Agile practices at the team level and now seek to scale Agile more broadly throughout the enterprise. Applying an Agile approach to Agile adoption, consultants work directly with cross-functional business and technology teams to analyze Agile capability and prioritize the enterprise adoption backlog. SolutionsIQ provides a path to long-term, sustainable improvements by building on incremental changes and systematically transitioning to management and teams for sustainability.

Agile at Scale is a comprehensive program that establishes Agile practices and facilitates organizational change. The program includes:

  • Agile strategies for Agile adoption, using an incremental, iterative, and transparent approach to the process.
  • Embedded Agile experts that collaborate with teams on deliverables while mentoring them on Agile best practices.
  • Baseline and ongoing metrics for visibility of program progress and analyses of the program evolution.

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Comprehensive and Lasting Benefits

Agile companies experience accelerated time-to-market, increased productivity and quality, reduced risk and project costs, and improved project visibility. Forrester reports that "Application development leaders often underestimate the amount of change required to adopt Agile processes." SolutionsIQ's innovative Agile at Scale program helps organizations navigate complex cross functional changes, increasing Agile competencies at the individual, team and company level.

  • Long-term, sustainable improvements, embedded in the culture and mindset of the organization.
  • Flexibility to adapt to emerging needs and challenges throughout the program, while focusing on the highest priorities of the enterprise.
  • Maximize ROI by reducing waste, increasing innovation and realizing the full potential of Agile.
  • Learning through hands-on practice until client is self-sufficient and has a solid foundation for continued competency developments and sustainable improvement.
  • Measuring and optimizing from a qualitative and quantitative approach which guides continuous improvements.

"The trend toward adopting Agile methods is in direct response to the need to build higher-quality software faster and more cheaply. Efforts to change the software development organization can succeed only if the environment where those teams work supports the change."

- "Make Agile Lean to Boost Business Impact," Forrester, 2008


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