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Certified Scrum Developer Lab

SolutionsIQ’s Certified Scrum Developer Lab teaches developers the development and collaboration practices used by the most experienced Agile teams.


WashBoard Case Study

SolutionsIQ delivered vital website improvements for the Washington Scholarship Coalition, streamlining the process for students in Washington State to find college funding in a tough economy.


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Agile Software Development

When you’re Agile, you need Agile partners.

Our Agile teams will fit right into your Agile operation

We will demonstrate rapid progress, and form productive working relationships with you, your sponsors, and colleagues. You will also benefit from the latest advances in Agile technology, including cloud-hosted continuous deployment.

  • By exploiting our Agile capability you will obtain fully-tested, deployable software in as little as 30 days.
  • With a mixed team of your people and ours, we can help you deliver as well as grow your own capabilities. This makes transition of code, infrastructure, and team knowledge at the end of the engagement seamless, so you don’t miss a beat.

Going Agile but not quite ready for primetime?

We can deliver production-ready code to your business customers now and maintain it until you’re ready to support it.

Need a major new feature now?

If you’re already an Agile shop with committed teams, you can trust us to deliver quickly and transparently, and engage with your business customers in the Agile manner they expect: Using frequent demonstrations of working software and lightweight documentation.

SolutionsIQ Agile Software Development servicesNeed to bring new capability online within 90 days?

If you need to bring new capability online, we can deliver high-quality software without the need for long, costly final test phases or long-term contracts.

Who we are

  • XP practices, Scrum, Kanban, and more
  • Applying Agile to legacy code and platforms
  • Software product development

How we engage

1. At engagement start

We do a readiness assessment to determine what you need to do to obtain the maximum value from your outsourcing investment, including:

  • A review of current product backlog requests, which helps the Product Owner define work that the team can consume starting with the first sprint
  • Recommendations for tools, platforms, and technologies such as continuous integration systems and automated unit and user acceptance test tools
  • Team formation, working agreements, and definitions of done

We then help you get ready by providing the training and coaching your staff needs to successfully engage in an Agile way, including Product Owner training and User Story Workshops.

2. During the engagement

We conduct biweekly demonstrations, sprint planning, and retrospectives. Blocking issues surface immediately during daily Scrum meetings. We conduct incremental unit, system, and user acceptance tests so that whenever the project ends, the system is ready for deployment to production. We can provide additional training and coaching to your personnel beyond what was provided at engagement start on an as-needed basis.

3. At engagement end

Depending on what is desired, we can continue to maintain the system in production or transition the system back to you. We deliver a thoroughly tested, user-accepted, deployable system, along with a source code repository, build history, and the complete suite of automated tests. We conduct a retrospective with you to assess how well stakeholders attained their objectives, summarize what was learned over the course of the engagement, and provide post-production support or help ease the transition back to your core.

Where we deliver

We work continuously with your product owner and provide complete visibility throughout the project. There are several delivery scenarios:

  • On-site/off-site hybrid: Our developers work at SolutionsIQ and collaborate daily with your product owner, business representatives, and technical personnel.

SolutionsIQ onsite and offsite Agile development

  • On-site: In this example, our developers work side-by-side with your team at your location. The system is built and deployed in the cloud.

SolutionsIQ on-site Agile development

  • Off-site: In this example, our developers work with your personnel at SolutionsIQ. The system is built in the cloud and deployed to your on-premise data center.


SolutionsIQ offsite Agile development

 Please contact us to learn more about SolutionsIQ Agile Software Development services.