The business value of a full-scale Agile implementation is high. Successful large-scale adoption of Agile involves far-reaching changes at the individual, team, and organizational level, but Agile at Scale can be done. It is being done.

When helping organizations expand small-scale Agile success to encompass the entire enterprise, SolutionsIQ takes a holistic approach. Applying an Agile approach to Agile adoption, we work directly with cross-functional business and technology teams to establish a baseline, determine transformation goals, and prioritize program activities. By engaging with all stakeholders—from executives to delivery teams—across all geographies through a unified transformation program, we help you achieve your short-term goals while laying down a foundation that will support your future improvements and innovations. Together we create a roadmap that makes visible to all stakeholders the path to your future success.

Guidance Toward an Agile Solution

At SolutionsIQ we know that, while we may have seen a problem like yours before, the best solution will be customized to your specific needs. That’s why our services are modular: so you can put together a solution that meets your needs and works best for your company. Wherever you are on the road to being an Agile organization, you provide the context for the business challenge. Together we can design a custom transformation program that takes full advantage of our suite of service components.

Generally Speaking

Although your organization will require a unique solution that best fits your circumstances, Agile transformations at the enterprise level generally share the following concerns:

Agile strategies for Agile adoption

To be Agile, you have to do Agile, and that applies to enterprise Agile adoptions as well. A successful Agile transformation program is implemented using Agile practices and tools, collaboration between stakeholders and the delivery team, as well as an “inspect and adapt” ideology that enables you to make changes to your Agile program as needed.

Baseline and ongoing metrics

The success of your program must be measured in terms that make sense for your business. You’ll need to establish metrics to ensure visibility into program progress. These metrics are necessary when you analyze how your program is evolving. We can help you define what success looks like as well as how it will be measured, both in terms of ROI and team morale, early in the process.

Leveraging onsite practitioners

Empowering delivery teams is key to your Agile transformation but is also difficult to do. One way to improve your team’s performance is by putting Agile practitioners at the project site to fill whatever roles need to be filled. Our Agile practitioners are experts because they use it to teach it. When your teams see the Agile tools and practices in action, they’ll also see the value of your initiative and get on board.

Next Steps

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