Technical coaching in the Agile sphere means using tried-and-true Extreme Programming (XP) practices like pair programming, refactoring, and test-driven development (TDD) to make excellent code easy to maintain and versatile enough to bend without breaking. Our technical coaches will work with your teams and your business stakeholders to deliver quality software in a matter of weeks. No more death by design. Agile is fast and flexible: you will receive deployable applications or features that have been fully tested in as little as thirty days. We also use the latest Agile technologies, such as cloud-hosted continuous delivery (CD), so you know your software will be cutting-edge.

During the coaching engagement, our technical coaches will work with your software craftsmen to create good Agile habits and break bad waterfall habits.

Modular Content in a Structured Environment

We take a modular approach to coaching that combines specific learning objectives with hands-on coaching and guidance. A list of common key objectives for a successful Agile development project would include:

  • Identifying and remedying negative coding and design patterns
  • Using refactoring to incrementally refine design and reduce technical debt
  • Establishing continuous integration (CI) practices
  • Learning unit testing principles and practices, including how to write good tests
  • Effectively using test automation
  • Learning effective collaboration techniques that teams use internally and with the customer
  • Pair programming

Our coaches then use your learning objectives to develop an engagement plan for you. We use learning modules of our own design as well as hands-on simulations to introduce these topics and demonstrate their value to you. Our approach to coaching has several advantages:

  • Clear learning objectives increase the tangible value of the coaching engagement.
  • When new information is put into the mix, you can make adjustments to optimize the coaching engagement.
  • Coaching engagements can be designed to cover the learning objectives needed to earn training credits toward the Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) credential.

The Coaching Engagement

After careful analysis of successful teams and the training they received, we developed—then tweaked and remastered—the following coaching engagement program, which consists of four key steps:

  1. Assess team needs: Our Agile coaches determine the scope and depth of your needs.
  2. Engage in a working agreement: With the information gathered during the Assess step, we determine your project timeline and clearly set training and coaching expectations.
  3. Coach and train teams: Coaches also check in with the client to ensure that goals are aligned. Together the coaches and the client inspect progress and revise the working agreement as needed to pursue new opportunities or to
  4. Review team progress: Our coaches review the outcome with the client and discuss next steps.

World-Class Agile Coaching Across the Globe

We have one of the largest Agile consulting groups in the world, and corporate alliances with change agents both near and far. We can deploy multiple coaches to multiple sites simultaneously for extended periods of time. Our structured modular approach to coaching ensures that team Agile practices are consistent across your organization. We help you reorganize your project management offices to cultivate an Agile foundation within your company and sustain the organization’s emerging Agile community of practice.

Next Steps

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