Coaching accelerates experiential learning while maintaining and improving team performance. When applying Agile theories at their place of work, teams often encounter obstacles they didn’t consider during training: remote team members, legacy code, and absent business collaborators with little or no investment in Agile transformation. Without help, the team can get stuck, grow discouraged, and even fall apart. This is why coaching is crucial to team success. Our coaches help your teams turn Agile theories into applied practice.

The Coaching Engagement

After careful analysis of successful teams and the training they received, we developed—then tweaked and remastered—the following coaching engagement program, which consists of four key steps:

  1. Assess team needs: Our Agile coaches determine the scope and depth of your needs.
  2. Engage in a working agreement: With the information gathered during the Assess step, we determine your project timeline and clearly set training and coaching expectations.
  3. Coach and train team:. Coaches also check in with the client to ensure that goals are aligned. Together the coaches and the client inspect progress and revise the working agreement as needed to pursue new learning opportunities.
  4. Review team progress: Our coaches review the outcome with the client and discuss next steps.

World-Class Agile Coaching Across the Globe

We have one of the largest Agile consulting groups in the world, and corporate alliances with change agents both near and far. We can deploy multiple coaches to multiple sites simultaneously for extended periods of time. Our structured modular approach to coaching ensures that team Agile practices are consistent across your organization. We help you reorganize your project management offices to cultivate an Agile foundation within your company and sustain the organization’s emerging Agile community of practice.

Next Steps

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