Our Agile workshops help new Agile teams get a solid footing when they first apply new Agile practices to their real-world work. Workshops can also help more experienced teams learn advanced practices that enable them to make the quantum leap to the next performance level.

Our consultants demonstrate the effective use of practices through examples, simulations, hands-on exercises, and, most importantly, by completing work with your team. Although our workshops are generally only one to three days, each one offers an in-depth focus in a specific practice area. They can be delivered as standalone events or combined with other workshops and services to provide a customized learning solution.

Our Workshops

Agile Capitalization Workshop

Account-based capitalization norms need to be innovated, and this workshop gives you the knowledge necessary to do just that.

Active Portfolio Management Workshop

This workshop teaches you how to actively manage portfolios in response to rapidly changing business conditions.

Agile Executive Workshops

Get the knowledge and tools you need to implement a successful Agile transition.

Backlog Refinement Workshop

This workshop is designed to help you develop, prioritize, and clean up your Product Backlog.

Release Planning Workshop

Planning a release is an involved process that this workshop makes clearer and easier.

User Story Workshop

This workshop will help you write effective user stories.

Additional Workshops

Workshops can be designed around any Agile practice area, including:

  • Test-driven development (TDD)
  • Sprint planning
  • Release planning
  • Team retrospectives
  • Implementing distributed Scrum
  • Mitigating team anti-patterns

Next Steps

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