Working within a Scrum framework requires a new way of thinking. Your project, for example, isn’t one thing: it’s a whole host of work efforts that, once complete, make up your product vision. It isn’t easy to break that gargantuan concept into tasks that your team can do in quick iterations, but that’s goal with Scrum, and using a Product Backlog makes the process that much simpler.

What’s a Product Backlog? Think of it as your To Do list for the project at hand. However, instead of tasks, you have user stories: vertical slices of work effort that represents potentially shippable product or feature increment. Your Product Backlog will have all of the features, functions, technologies, enhancements, and bug-fixes that together constitute your product vision.

In our Backlog Refinement Workshop, we’ll show you how to make your Product Backlog clear and effective without even a hair out of place.


This workshop is generally delivered to one or more teams. The Product Owner and ScrumMaster of each team should be present. This workshop is particularly effective in guiding teams working on multi-team projects through the process of developing an effective Product Backlog.



Workshop Topics

Through coaching and facilitated hands-on sessions, this workshop covers the following topics:

  • Establishing capabilities for refining the Product Backlog iteratively
  • Discussing and updating the product vision and product roadmap
  • Establishing and refining the “Definition of Done” for user stories
  • Defining and enhancing acceptance criteria for each user story
  • Performing user story review and estimation
  • Prioritizing the Product Backlog
  • Discussing most effective practices for backlog prioritization
  • Presenting the Product Backlog to the whole team

Workshop Duration

The duration of the Product Backlog and Estimation workshop depends largely on your goals.

  • The one-day workshop is recommended for new projects, where the goal is an initial backlog from which the team can pull work for several sprints.
  • A multi-day workshop is recommended when an existing backlog is being prepared for release planning or when multiple backlogs are being combined into a single one.

Next Steps

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