Release planning sets the team up for success and manages the business’ expectations of the team and the timeliness of their deliveries. Because release planning is such an involved process, we have to help you on the inside. We’ve nuked the classroom; we’re bringing our experts to you. We get everyone with any skin in the game into a room to ensure maximum alignment between your top-down vision and delivery objectives with the bottom-up capability and velocity of the delivery team.

Because of the nature of release planning, this workshop is generally delivered either as component of a suite of Agile transformation products or after the team has had previous Agile training in user story writing and/or Product Backlog refinement.


Anyone involved in the release being planned should attend, including all team members, Product Owners, and ScrumMasters, as well as all stakeholders and management.



Workshop Topics

  • Discussing and updating the product vision and product roadmap
  • Prioritizing the constraints (date, scope, funding, etc.) and their associated targets
  • Establishing and refining the Definition of Done for the iterations and the release
  • Enhancing acceptance criteria for user stories
  • Refining user story estimates
  • Establishing target iteration
  • Negotiating the implications of likely release dates
  • Creating the Release Backlog — the subset of Product Backlog Items (PBIs) to be completed in the next release
  • Reviewing user stories and estimating their size
  • Prioritizing Product Backlogs
  • Discussing most effective practices for backlog prioritization
  • Presenting the backlog to the whole team
  • Establishing capabilities for refining the Product Backlog iteratively

Next Steps

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