An organization or business has a plethora of moving parts. Change any of those moving parts — whether for better or worse — and you’re likely to affect peripheral functions. This is especially true for as deep and wide a transition as a full-scale Agile adoption. You may wonder: by improving one business unit or function, am I incapacitating another?

We have your concerns at heart. We’ve designed a suite of services that will ensure you a smooth Agile transition. Then when you’re ready to discuss your needs and wants, our professionals will work with you to decide on the services — as well as the courses, workshops, and tools — you’ll benefit from most.

Our Services

Here is a list of some of our key services:

Agile Foundations

This one-day primer course provides your team with the rudiments of Agile.

Agile Team Accelerator (ATA)

This intense offering jumpstarts your teams on the road to Agile, using your actual project artifacts to demonstrate how to plan a Sprint, run it, and learn from it.

Organizational Discovery

This session helps executives define their Agile goals by bringing to light the pros and cons of your organization’s leadership and culture. Our Organizational Discovery offering is a key component of the Roadmapping and Program Design session and the Agile Executive Workshops.

Roadmapping and Program Design

This session will help executives and management determine the key objectives of your Agile transformation as well as the milestones on the map toward your goals and the metrics that you will be able to use to define success.

Onsite Practitioners

An onsite practitioner is a professional with the tools and knowledge that you need during your transition. Practitioners may be temporary and semi-permanent.

Next Steps

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