Agile isn’t the future of product innovation; it’s the present. Agile and Scrum turn decent teams into awesome teams by equipping them with cutting-edge technology and tools and empowering them to do better by being better.

Our Agile Foundations course is a introduction to all things Agile: processes, practices, and underlying principles. This course is necessarily broad but shallow. Follow-on training and workshops are strongly recommended for developers, ScrumMasters, and Product Owners who wish to deepen their Agile and Scrum knowledge.

Course Topics

Highlights of this course include:

  • An Introduction to Agile
    • What is Agile and how is it different?
  • Scrum Framework
  • The key Scrum roles and responsibilities: ScrumMaster, Product Owner, and Delivery Team
  • Scrum Ceremonies
    • Sprint Planning, Sprint, Daily Scrum, Sprint Retrospective, Sprint Review
    • Why are these ceremonies important?
  • Scrum Artifacts
    • Definition of Done, Sprint Backlog, Product Backlog, user stories
    • Some tips for getting started on building artifacts
  • Reporting Sprint progress using a sprint burn-down and velocity
  • Estimation using story points

Next Steps

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