Integrating Agile professionals into the team and the process accelerates team learning and performance. Practitioners perform whatever Agile or development roles you need to fill. They help your team mature and improve their performance using a real-world engagement as the vehicle for learning.

By clearly demonstrating objectives and outcomes, we demonstrate the true value of Agile practices. Our experienced Agile professionals reinforce team learning and model Agile values as they work side-by-side with you and your team. They also bring professional experience, ideas, and techniques to share so that even consummate Agilists on the team can learn a lot.

Role Call

Your business’ ability to go Agile depends on our ability not only to teach you the key Agile team roles but, when necessary, to demonstrate them from the inside. We can provide professionals to help your teams on site by filling any of the following roles:


ScrumMasters facilitate the team’s progress by collaborating with business sponsors and Product Owners, removing impediments, and helping the team continuously improve.

Product Owners

Product Owners act as the communication channel between the business and the delivery team, establish work priorities, collaboratively plan tasks with the team, and approve completed work.

Agile Developers

Agile Developers leverage Scrum practices and techniques, as well as continuous integration (CI), refactoring, test-driven development (TDD), and other Extreme Programming (XP) methods, to produce quality code.

Test Automation Engineers

Test Automation Engineers design, support, and maintain testing strategies and techniques for unit, integration, and functional testing.

Agile Analysts and Program Managers

Agile Analysts and Program Managers facilitate effective collaboration between business units, external customers, and engineering groups.

Next Steps

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