Your leadership approach, corporate culture, and even your incentive systems can potentially affect your enterprise’s ability to be Agile. This is because you can’t simply do Agile; you have to be Agile.

Our Organizational Discovery session is an in-depth look into how your business works, who runs it, and using what methods. Therefore, it is a key component to beginning a smooth Agile transformation. Through personal interviews, questionnaires, observations of your teams at work, and Q&A sessions, we can discover what makes you you. Once we establish the current state of the organization, we can identify your goals for implementing Agile. It’s important at this stage to know exactly why you want to “go Agile”—and we can help you pin that down. We also seek out the areas that need improvement at the program, team, and technical levels and define how to address them.

Session Topics

  • Topics for discussion during this session include:
  • Organizational structure and culture
  • Organizational constraints to Agile adoption
  • Management practices
  • Business and technology alignment
    • Products and projects
    • Initiation
    • Planning
    • Quality
    • Project oversight
    • Release process
    • Experience, opinions, and techniques
  • Engineering practices for development, configuration management, and release
  • Team self-assessment

Session Outcomes

The key deliverable for the Organizational Discovery session is a list of recommendations to be used during roadmapping, which could include the following:

  • Initial findings, observations, major risks or impediments, and recommendations for an Agile transformation backlog, including:
    • How to organize staff into Scrum teams
    • How to improve workflow with Kanban, Lean Startup, or Scrum
  • Backlog items to ensure coaching consistency across the organization and to develop internal coaches
  • Recommended metrics and KPIs that you can use to inspect and adapt and to monitor ongoing improvements

This deliverable is used in both our Executive Workshop and Roadmapping sessions.

Next Steps

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