Your Agile transformation will be smoothest if you tackle the critical problems early on:

  • What is the vision for your Agile roll-out?
  • What’s the timeline?
  • Who are the key stakeholders and what roles, if any, will they play?
  • Are there any major releases already in the pipeline? If so, how are they likely to interact with your going Agile?

The process we use to address these questions is called Roadmapping and Program Design. During this session, we work with you to clearly define your vision, set it to a timeline that will work within your business constraints and ours, and incorporate the objectives of the management team into the Agile adoption program. We aim to answer your difficult questions upfront so as not to stumble upon them late in the process. Problems will arise, of course, but an Agile organization like yours will be prepared and equipped to handle them effectively and efficiently.

The Roadmapping and Program Design uses the list of recommendations produced in the Organizational Discovery session to design and build the foundation for your Agile adoption.

Session Goals

The primary goals of roadmapping are to:

  • Work with management to determine how best to build and/or review the internal business case for Agile adoption.
  • Build a customized Agile adoption program design and roadmap for introducing Agile and scaling it out.
  • Establish requirements for training, coaching, and building competency within the organization to ensure support of the ongoing Agile adoption.
  • Identify metrics and KPIs that the organization can use to “inspect and adapt” and monitor ongoing improvements.

Session Outcomes

The key deliverable for this session is the following list of artifacts and action items that act as signposts along the road to Agile:

  • Roadmap to Agile adoption set to a timeline
  • Initial Backlog for Agile adoption
  • Beginning of a change management plan
  • List of action items
  • Beginning of a communication plan
  • Establish an executive action team (EAT)
  • Assign a Product Owner for the adoption

Finally, we will follow up with you after this session to check on progress and offer help if you need it.

Next Steps

If you’re ready for more information, please contact us below.