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SolutionsIQ Recognized as a Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider


Redmond, WA — 

SolutionsIQ, a premier provider of Agile coaching, consulting, training, and distributed Agile software development, has been recognized by the Scrum Alliance as a Registered Education Provider (REP), offering Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) training as part of the newly-launched Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) program.

The Registered Education Provider program was created by the Scrum Alliance to promote the educational practices of member training organizations.  As an REP organization, SolutionsIQ’s unique course content, innovative delivery approaches, and trainer evaluation processes were screened to ensure strict compliance with the most current Scrum and Agile principles.  To become an REP, member organizations must “demonstrate an ability to convey their expertise through courses pertinent to Agile practitioners”. Comprehensive training is critical to any Agile project or transformation, and SolutionsIQ’s curriculum provides the knowledge and skills required to gain a solid understanding of Agile and realize its benefits.  Instructors at all member REPs are monitored by the ScrumAlliance to ensure that attendees receive the highest quality education possible.

The Scrum Alliance has also recently launched the Certified Scrum Developer program.  Individuals holding a CSD have demonstrated that “through a combination of formal training and a technical skills assessment, he or she has a working understanding of Scrum principles and has learned specialized Agile engineering skills”.  SolutionsIQ’s Certified ScrumMaster training represents two of the five days of credits required to receive a CSD.  More information about the REP and CSD programs are available on the ScrumAlliance Web site.

SolutionsIQ, a leading provider of Agile consulting and training, offers a full array of technical consulting, software delivery, and talent acquisition services that together form a complete software development solution. For over thirty years, SolutionsIQ has combined a hands-on approach with deep technical expertise to serve clients that range from the early stage startup to the Fortune 500.