agile training uw“The class was fantastic! The instructors were superb! I think everyone could use the information from the scrum training in their daily lives and become more efficient.”

Zena Bartusch, CSM | Project Manager | University of Washington

Certified Scrum Product Owner Training from SolutionsIQ“The Certified Scrum Product Owner training program by SolutionsIQ is the best I have seen. In my career, I spent many years as a consultant and trainer so I do not say this lightly. The instructors modeled the Agile/Scrum methodology from the beginning of the program to the end. This really drove home the responsibilities of the Product Owner and made the methodology very real to the class.”

Gary Dowley | Quality and Continual Improvement Manager

Certified ScrumMaster Training from SolutionsIQ“The class was excellent and well worth the time and money.”

Dave Schedin | SDLC Consultant

agiile testimonial vision internet“I cannot pick something specific [that I most enjoyed]… I was in a constant state of wow.”

Tim Schmidt | Vice President | Vision Internet

scrummaster“Training material was well organized. The group projects and the synopsis of what just happened in those projects stimulated the thought process and helped me gain a better insight into the Scrum approach to things…”

Abhilash Kuzhikat, CSM | Change Catalyst

Certified Scrum Product Owner Training from SolutionsIQ“The various anecdotes, tools and tips [learned from the course] were ‘ready to be applied’ when I returned to my Agile consulting practice including: Team Estimation and Planning, Initial Product Backlog Creation, Product Roadmapping, Demonstrating Scrum Success Metrics to Management.”

Ben Gatzke, CSM, CSPO | Agile Coach

Certified Scrum Product Owner Training from SolutionsIQ“The course was laid out in a novel way – as a scrum project itself! As Product Owners we were asked to compose User Stories capturing what we hoped to learn from the course, and at the end of each “iteration” within the two-day course, were asked to re-prioritize these, knowing time was tight and we may not get to all topics. This helped us to have hands-on experience with Story creation and re-prioritization, with the added bonus of us each being personally invested in the outcome instead of it being a theoretical scenario.”

Lorill Crees | Senior Software Developer

Certified ScrumMaster Training from SolutionsIQ“I appreciated that the course itself was run as a Scrum iteration. This instilled from the very start of the course the work that is involved as a product owner. The team (class) needed to decide which points or stories they wanted to have completed as part of the overall training and this was instrumental in determining the direction of the class.”

John B. Smith | Vice President – Product Engineering

scrum coach“SolutionsIQ training offered real-world scrum learning throughout the two-day session by practicing the discipline as a part of the curriculum. The trainers were celebrated professionals and good at their craft, engaging the entire class throughout the sessions.”

scrum professional“We have sent several people to this class to become product owners. We have adopted a new Scrum tool for use in the organization which better focuses our ability to complete our project and to predicate the work based on the sprint schedules. For us this is a WIN, WIN situation, for our employees and for the customers themselves.”