Expert Guidance in Scaling Agility

Our Agile Transformation Solution provides the assurance you need to achieve the transformative business benefits in alignment with your strategic priorities. These typically include dramatic improvements in delivery effectiveness, shortened cycle times, and heightened responsiveness to change. Together we can produce the roadmap, develop the leadership capability and facilitate the organizational change needed to promote a culture of learning, innovation and continuous improvement throughout your organization.

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Change Management

Change Management is the foundation of your Agile transformation. After working with you to assess organizational capability, establish business goals and organize transformation leadership teams, we conduct planning and create a roadmap. Each change program is constructed to fit specific client needs from field-tested transformation patterns adapted from well established change models and Agile practices such as dynamic backlogs, multi-level planning and frequent feedback. At the heart is a communication strategy to stay engaged with stakeholders through the use of site visits, town halls, lean coffee events, video and social media. Cut from the whole cloth of Agile values, the threads of transparency, empowerment and collaboration are woven throughout the change program.

Delivery Agility

Delivery Agility transforms your talented individuals into high-performing, self-organizing teams with the Agile capabilities to deliver customer value quickly and consistently. Through training, custom workshops, and onsite coaching, our Delivery Agility program accelerates learning by shortening the time between theory and practice. Agile delivery systems provide rapid feedback for continuous improvement. Benefits include:

  • Alignment around a shared vision of success
  • Rapid delivery with higher quality and reduced cost
  • Improved transparency and predictability
  • Better product-market fit

Organizational Agility

To promote innovation and learning in your collocated and distributed teams, we help you optimize your work spaces—physical, virtual, and mental—to promote a collaborative culture that will help you move toward increased transparency, innovation, team success, program coordination, and continuous deployment. Streamlined processes and waste reduction will improve your speed to market and your ability to inspect and adapt. Together we can help you evolve into an Agile organization equipped with the tools, environments, processes and structures to enable advanced practices such as DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

Business Agility

SolutionsIQ’s Business Agility bridges the gap between the Business and IT sides of your organization. For your transformation to succeed, your organization’s processes, policies, and culture must reflect an Agile mindset and Agile values. Our management consultants help you adjust governance, incentive programs, and performance measurement to work with Agile delivery methods while meeting compliance and stewardship requirements. New management practices help you refactor roles and responsibilities and launch new programs with which you can thrive in today’s innovation economy.

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