You Don't Have to be a Startup to Innovate Like One

The average tenure for a corporation in the S&P 500 today is 15 years, one-fourth what it was in the 1960s. Today’s shifting market conditions, customer expectations and rapidly evolving technologies demand the same high level of innovation from established enterprises as from startups. SolutionsIQ’s Enterprise Innovation Solution can help you bring to market a new and fully integrated product line that will thrill your customers.

Developing Your Innovation Pipeline

The pipeline from innovative idea to disrupting markets begins with a funnel that you need to constantly replenish with emerging insights and concepts from many sources, including your employees, existing customer base and target markets. These innovative ideas hint at a problem in want of a solution, and helping enterprises make the right fit is a specialty of ours. SolutionsIQ’s Enterprise Innovation Solution can help you develop your innovation pipeline in just three strategic steps:


Generating a continuous flow of potentially innovative and disruptive ideas and creating an inventory


Experimenting with your ideas to engage your markets and users directly and optimizing product roadmaps accordingly


Leveraging innovation management techniques to ensure that ideas are captured and cultivated, and that the critical metrics are understood

Market Experimentation with Enterprise Lean Startup

SolutionsIQ’s Enterprise Lean Startup service helps you deliver more innovative products faster. Our consultants leverage specific tools and processes that turn the concepts behind Lean Startup into a reality and help fit your product to market demand. Rapidly test ideas, learn fast, and pivot quickly to strategically qualify and prioritize ideas for investment and maximize yield from your innovation portfolio. To enable you to seize market opportunities, we use techniques and tools such as customer development, empathy maps, business model generation, and innovation accounting driven by analytics and metrics that are meaningful to your business.

Integrating and Scaling Your New Product Line

In some ways, the hardest part about innovation comes at the end when you want to integrate new innovations into your existing operations and scale out initial successes. SolutionsIQ consultants can help you weigh the business implications of bringing a new product online and more. With adaptive portfolio management, we go “beyond budgeting” to ensure optimal resource and asset allocation.

As you look at the implications of releasing new products to market quickly and cost-effectively, a light bulb tends to go on. It becomes apparent that your new product implementation strategy depends on your Agile capabilities. Let us help you deploy a customizable Agile Transformation Solution so that your new product line is up and running in time to seize the market opportunity.

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