You Don't Have to be a Startup to Innovate Like One

The average tenure for a corporation in the S&P 500 today is one-fourth what it was in the 1960s. Today’s shifting market conditions, customer expectations and rapidly evolving technologies demand the same high level of innovation from established enterprises as from startups. SolutionsIQ’s Enterprise Innovation Solution leverages a Hierarchy of Organizational Capabilities to help you bring to market new and fully integrated product lines that will thrill your customers.

The Hierarchy of Organizational Capabilities

Agility Labels

Through decades of experience supporting innovation and delivery improvement initiatives of Fortune 500 enterprises, we have heard from Chief Information Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, line of business and product management leaders many variations on two common problems:

1. Delivery is slow and unresponsive.

2. Delivery ships products that don’t thrill our users.

Our approach to implementing Agility transforms organizational effectiveness by ensuring the enterprise first builds the capability to responsively deliver high-quality products rapidly and frequently (Delivery Agility) before attempting to develop the higher-order business capabilities necessary to impact markets (Business Agility). We can think of these capabilities as forming a hierarchy of organizational capabilities.

Beyond Delivery Agility

Delivery Agility

SolutionsIQ’s holistic change management framework helps enterprises improve their ability to achieve strategic business objectives at any level of competency on the Hierarchy of Organizational Capabilities. We integrate and apply solutions that will have the greatest impact in the shortest time. Before an enterprise can access the full potential of Business Agility, they must be able to rapidly and responsively deliver products and services that thrill customers. The Hierarchy of Organizational Capabilities functions as a simplified roadmap for organizations to track their journey through transforming themselves and their markets.

Today’s enterprises must become learning organizations capable of adapting and reinventing themselves at the speed of market change in order to innovate and drive the competitive landscape. But first they must master Delivery Agility.

Impact Markets

Impact Markers

At this level, the enterprise is able to seize market share and accelerate revenue growth by optimizing business performance of products and services in existing markets. Further competencies include:

  • Identifying and achieving understanding and empathy with buyers experiencing an acute problem
  • Adapting and responding instantly to unmet customer needs
  • Leveraging advanced analytics and metrics to understand user behavior
  • Identifying and focusing investment on your products’ key levers of growth based on market and product maturity
  • Prioritizing buyer personas and user cohorts based on lifetime value of customer and customer acquisition costs
  • Refining and sharpening value proposition specific to customer/problem/solution
  • Creating optimal roadmaps and backlogs that maximize business performance
  • Iterating rapidly through a range of solutions incorporating customer feedback and validated learning loops to empirically prove which solution solves a problem best
  • Optimizing yield from product investment by leveraging experimentation and analytics

Innovate Products and Services

Innovate Products and Services

At this level, enterprises can develop new solutions to solve existing market problems or pivot existing solutions towards solving new problems for new populations by:

  • Stimulating an organizational marketplace for creating and surfacing innovative ideas
  • Leveraging validated learning to quickly test customer/problem/solution hypotheses
  • Using Lean Startup to fail fast to test the idea inventory to find gems
  • Experimenting safely and exploring innovations in key elements on one or more business models
  • Using innovation accounting to demonstrate innovation investment yield on different horizons
  • Leveraging advanced portfolio management practices to allocate investment and assign appropriate yield and risk tolerances across product and portfolio categories and time horizons
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Disrupt Markets

Disrupt Markets

Learning organizations at this level of the hierarchy are capable of:

  • Discovering new markets with unmet needs
  • Stimulating pain from previously unconscious or unrecognized problems
  • Exploring radically new solutions that disintermediate or upend existing business models
  • Disrupting legacy revenue streams (in line with business goals)
  • Testing radically different business models and differentiation strategies safely
  • Becoming a knowledge-driven organization with the ability to exploit learning and speed for competitive advantage in the long term
  • Sensing and testing environments internally and externally to continuously adapt and reinvent the organization itself for continuous optimization and fitness
  • Aligning leadership styles, culture, values for maximum knowledge work and learning organization performance

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