Global Reach

Scaling out an Agile transformation across an enterprise often transcends geographical boundaries and time zones. SolutionsIQ offers delivery capabilities and experience in key locations worldwide to help you realize your global Agility objectives. Our overseas headquarters are conveniently located in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, to help businesses throughout the APAC region and the world achieve Agile at a global scale. Our Agile coaches and consultants guide you through the change management process to address key cultural dynamics impeding you from reaching your business goals.

Global Solutions

In response to our clients’ growing demand for more Agile operations across the globe, we offer solutions and services that address concerns around globalization, organizational culture and software quality.

Agile Transformation

With years of experience guiding large-scale Agile transformations, SolutionsIQ has the people, scale and expertise to help you achieve global Agility. Driven by Agile and Lean principles like close collaboration, transparency and waste reduction, we empower individuals at every level of your organization to undergo the meaningful, personal transformations critical to real Agile adoption.

Technology Consulting

Advanced development practices like Agile engineering, Continuous Delivery and DevOps enable you to build high -quality software quickly and frequently. Our technology consulting practices focus on aligning teams, culture, tools and engineering practices to Agile and Lean values. Our main objective is to improve code quality and architecture to build high-quality software that delivers business value.

Software Development

Re-imagine offshore development in India with highly capable Agile engineering teams. Using the most advanced techniques and tools, our development center in Bangalore, India, delivers software that users actually want to use. We leverage Agile and Continuous Delivery principles to build and test faster and more frequently, so that you have a market-viable product before the opportunity passes.

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