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Enterprise Agile Adoption

SolutionsIQ Enterprise Agile Adoption is a comprehensive program for organizations that have implemented Agile practices at the team level and want to scale Agile throughout the enterprise.


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Management Consulting

Agile at Scale

When the scope of your Agile adoption program involves dozens of teams and hundreds of people working in facilities distributed across many locations, you are implementing Agile at scale. Our Agile at scale change programs meet the needs of the entire organization, including individuals, teams, and business leaders. We provide practical methods for coordinating work across large programs and mitigations for common organizational issues such as changes to manager roles, compliance, governance, and corporate culture.

Executive workshops

SolutionsIQ Management ConsultingThese workshops help business leaders learn how to prepare for and what to expect from their investment in Agility, as well as how Agility produces enduring business value.

The Agile Organization: A Business Perspective - An introduction to Agile business principles and how they help organizations innovate, improve performance, and change for the better.

Planning Agile Adoption - A workshop to plan and define your Agile change program, including the production of a change initiative roadmap, milestones, and activity backlog.

Advisory services

At the program, product, portfolio, or enterprise level, we can help you plan the change program that is best for your business:

Business case development

We help you develop a business case for your Agile adoption program that quantifies the business benefits of early release, reduced technical debt, persistent teams, and other Agile benefits in the financial terms that make sense for your business.

Needs and capabilities assessments

We help you baseline your current capabilities in terms of skills, practices, and policies to establish the full scope of change that your organization should expect. In addition to development, team skills, and practices, we also assess the likely impact and need for change for the broader organization (e.g. QA, operations, IT and corporate governance, and management roles).

Technical debt evaluation

We help you analyze your systems, legacy source, and program structure to identify technical debt, its likely impact on your operations, and the cost and benefits of remediation. We demonstrate how the adoption of Agile practices will reduce existing technical debt and stop new debt from accruing, and how this improvement can be measured in terms of greater quality and lowered maintenance and production costs.

Release planning services

We help you manage and plan your software or product release by coordinating work distributed across many Agile teams.

Release Planning Workshop

We show you how to make work in progress more visible, obtain broader involvement of diverse stakeholders, identify dependencies across the teams, and develop meaningful forecasts on costs, release date, and completed scope.

Portfolio review and analysis

We help you quantify the financial value of your projects and programs and develop management strategies that you can use to reduce write-off risk, increase returns, shorten time to market, and better leverage capital investments.

Agile change management

Organizational change management program definition and management services that help you navigate the uncertainty of change while you deliver enduring value to your organization. Our change programs draw on established organizational change models and incorporate Agile principles and patterns such as roadmaps, backlogs, iterative progress, transparency, and diverse stakeholder collaboration. The result is a holistic program approach that addresses wide-ranging change elements, including the needs and motivations of people, skill acquisition, executive sponsorship, and corporate culture.

Please contact us to learn more about SolutionsIQ Management Consulting services.