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Integrated Agile Learning Solution

SolutionsIQ's Integrated Agile Learning Solution meets the needs of the individual and team as they change over the different phases of learning.


Agile Team Accelerator

SolutionsIQ Agile Team Accelerator gives your team expert coaching and guidance when it makes the biggest difference.


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On-Site Practitioners

Integrated Agile professionals accelerate team learning and performance

New teams quickly realize that practicing Agile in the real world is never as easy as it seemed in the classroom. Experienced Agile teams are often frustrated by their inability to find new members that not only know but also embrace Agile and can hit the ground running.

SolutionsIQ Agile Team ProfessionalsSolutionsIQ On-Site Practitioners help teams mature while increasing their performance. Our experienced Agile professionals reinforce team learning and model Agile values as they work side-by-side with you and your team. They also bring ideas and techniques to share so that even highly experienced Agile teams should expect to learn new practices. Our Agile professionals accelerate new team learning and improve the efficiency of even the most accomplished teams.

The right Agile professionals at the right time

SolutionsIQ Agile Team ProfessionalsSolutionsIQ can provide the right practitioners at the right time to help you learn faster, improve effectiveness, and solve problems within your business and team environment. Agile professionals are able to deliver a brief burst in team performance just when you need it the most, or can join your team on a long-term, sustainable basis.

When results fall short of expectations, our professionals know what might work better and why. They are able to quickly identify the root causes of obstacles that impede team progress and suggest alternatives for their resolution. By exemplifying Agile principles and values, our on-site practitioners catalyze team development and help teams achieve the goals of self-direction and autonomy more quickly and effectively.

The SolutionsIQ difference

Our years of experience delivering business value with Agile, both externally (to help our customers achieve their delivery goals) and internally (to run our company), means that we are exceptionally well-qualified to help you fill essential Agile team roles:

  • ScrumMasters, who facilitate an Agile team’s progress by collaborating with the business sponsors and Product Owners, removing impediments and helping the team continuously improve.

  • Product Owners, who, as the primary business representatives, establish work priorities, collaboratively plan with the team, and approve completed work.

  • Agile Developers, who are proficient in Agile practices and techniques such as Scrum, continuous integration, refactoring, test-driven development, and other Extreme Programming (XP) methods.

  • Test Automation Engineers, who design, support, and maintain testing strategies and techniques for unit tests, integration tests, and functional tests.

  • Agile Analysts and Program Managers, who are expert at establishing effective collaboration between business units, external customers, and engineering groups.

Please contact us to learn more about SolutionsIQ On-Site Practitioners.