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A Call to Agile

How a major telecom made the call to transform into an Agile enterprise


Customers interact with any enterprise through many touch points: the company website, desktop and mobile apps, call centers, and thousands of retail stores. This is even more so the case for our client, a telecommunications giant that ranks among the top five retail sites visited on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It was essential, therefore, for this client to “create a quality and effortless experience” that made it easy for customers to do business with them every time, regardless of the chosen platform.
To achieve this goal, the client’s consumer Web organization needed help transforming their software development methodology from a traditional Waterfall project management approach to an Agile approach. With over a hundred projects underway and approximately 2,000 people involved in delivering high-quality software, they needed expert guidance, so they called on SolutionsIQ. We helped them form, train and coach dozens of teams while also assisting them to establish and maintain a comprehensive organizational change management program that the client would be to sustain by the end of the engagement. The key to the engagement’s success was the innovative Agile Coaching Office: a central hub of Agile coaching knowledge and experts that the client could leverage toward a successful transformation.

Just the Facts

Industry: Telecommunications

Number of Employees: 240K+

Annual Revenue: $130 Billion+

Length of Engagement: 12 months

People Served: 2000

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