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A Ticket to Transformation

How Agile practices and principles guided a major airline through stormy skies toward Business Agility


Over the years, this major national airline carrier with annual revenues of roughly $4 billion had tried several times to move toward a more Agile state of being and delivering consumer value, but each time they landed short of their desired destination. After several failed attempts to adopt Agile company-wide, in 2014 the airline decided to bring in SolutionsIQ. Our expert coaches worked with them to address long-standing issues delivering high-quality products to the market quickly and consistently. Using a multi-pronged, organization-wide approach, SolutionsIQ was able to help the client’s teams build on their positive experiences, step by step. With our guidance, they finally saw the positive and long-lasting effects of a successful Agile transformation that enabled them to visualize—and hopefully achieve—a nearly limitless future.

Just the Facts

Engagement Type: Agile Transformation

Industry: Airline Carrier

Number of Employees: 10k

Annual Revenue: $4 Billion

Number of Coaches: 8

Length of Engagement: 12 months

People Served: 200+

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