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Agile Leadership Patterns: The Agile Way of Doing – Dan Greening at Agile 2015

A epiphany came to Dan Greening in one of many conversations he had with Jeff Sutherland on the topic of why so many organizations claim to be Agile without actually being Agile. The epiphany was this: an Agile organization needs Agile leadership. It is common today is for organizations to claim to have implemented Scrum and failed, then to move onto another framework like Kanban only to have that fail as well. These same organizations may then move on to Lean Startup. The trend lines in Dan’s research indicated peaks and valleys are huge corporations hired on and then fired off mass quantities of coaches, respectively. Dan wanted to know why that was the case. After more research, Dan found corroborating evidence for his suspicions: businesses who retain their Agility do so under the auspices of truly Agile leadership.