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Amy Haworth & Susie Patterson: Anyone Who Tells You Org Change is Easy is Lying at ACMP2016

Amy Haworth of Citrix and Susie Patterson of Prosci sit down with Agile Amped to dispell any misinformation out there about how easy building an enterprise change capability is. In short, it’s not. The duo share with us their thoughts on how to build effective change management into projects, how to help leaders build their leadership competency, and how to empower employees throughout the enterprise to change for the better without loss of effectiveness. They highlight some of their challenges and successes and also touch on how Agile has changed change management, forcing change agents to focus on how to help people achieve a smaller-scope, more immediate change with more predictable results. This contrasts greatly with the long horizons that traditional change management programs typically leverage.

SolutionsIQ’s William Rowden hosts at Change Management 2016 in Dallas, TX.