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Bryan Beecham and Human Refactoring with Agile Amped at AATC2016

Refactoring is a big deal to Bryan Beecham. So much so that after looking at the role refactoring code plays in his life, he had an epiphany: “We are the code… If you’re software what would you do [to improve yourself]… Are there parts of you that maybe you don’t like… People think physically right away, but a lot of those aren’t physical.” Human refactoring is about applying some technical practices to daily life. Befittingly Bryan is going “Inside Refactoring” in his AATC2016 presentation.

Bryan Beecham is an international speaker, coach, trainer, and agile consultant. His passion is to help improve companies, teams and individuals through continuous improvement and increasing awareness.

SolutionsIQ’s Neville Poole hosts.