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Catching up With Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson at Agile 2015 – Men In Black Quotes Included.

The elusive Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson fan the flames with the assertion that not enough people are focusing on the values on the left side of the Agile Manifesto (e.g., individuals and interactions), instead of focusing on the right-side values (e.g., processes and tools). They contend that many companies are too focused on creating a product and overcomplicating what is meant to be a simple process. Agile has “crossed the chasm” and entered the corporate world as the go-to approach for getting work done–but in the process, the duo thinks, it has lost much of what it set out to do. Ron shares, “I think that it’s very unlikely there’s going to be a better way of working than bring together people with a common purpose and letting them figure out the purpose… I would like for people to understand the various ways of doing things… and I would like them to choose what works for them.” People are the key to success in the knowledge age, not processes.

Quotes by Al Shalloway and Tommy Lee Jones featured. Oh, and Men in Black…

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