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From Chaotic to Cohesive

How Scrum and SAFe brought order to disorganized teams on competing projects


Our certified Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) Program Consultant helped one data storage firm find the path to sustained success through the chaos of growth and competing opportunities. After establishing a firm foundation through Scrum and advanced technical practices training, we were able to help the client restructure teams along feature sets, fine-tune a QA strategy, and improve delivery.

Using SAFe’s Agile release trains and large-scale release planning events, we worked with the client to synchronize multiple teams and align product management with product delivery. The end result
was an improved understanding of capacity and demand, and a Lean pull model that helped improve
the speed, quality, and predictability of releases.

Just the Facts

Industry: Data Storage

Number of Employees: 25-75K

Length of Engagement: 4 months

Coaches: 1

People Served: 600

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