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Woody Zuill and Mob Programming to “Get the Best Out of Everybody into Everything We Do”

Woody Zuill is an Agile coach working on the “original Mob programming team”. As is befitting since Woody coined the term “mob programming”–which is, as he puts it “pair programming, except for everybody here is going to be involved.” For him, mob programming is a natural evolution of pair programming. Like in pair programming where each pair helps problem-solve and vet the resulting code, in mob programming, “When you work with a whole group, you get the best of everybody… We’re not looking into getting the most out of everybody… We’re looking to get the best out of everybody into everything we do.” That’s why what began as informal or scheduled work sessions became the de facto programming style of Woody and his team.

Woody Zuill has been a software developer for 30+ years and is an Agile enthusiast. He has been instrumental in promoting a “No Estimates” approach to Agile product delivery.

SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts.