Combined company is the largest Agile consultancy focused exclusively on enterprise Agile transformations

On December 11, 2014, SolutionsIQ officially announced it has acquired BigVisible Solutions. With nearly 150 senior Agile consultants, the combined company forms the largest and most experienced Agile consulting firm focused exclusively on enterprise Agile adoption. The acquisition broadens SolutionsIQ’s U.S. geographic reach, especially in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States.

Our CEO, Charlie Rudd, says “By combining two groups of experienced Agile experts, we significantly increase our ability to meet the needs of Fortune 500 customers with geographically-dispersed operations.”

SolutionsIQ’s latest offering is its comprehensive Agile Transformation Solution (ATS). ATS is an integrated program structured to help organizations formalize processes and tool structures that streamline product delivery and promote innovation. BigVisible has grown its firm through its Business Agility offerings, which leverage its Enterprise Lean Startup services to improve an organization’s responsiveness to change by providing the tools and techniques needed to accelerate discovery, experimentation and market-validation.

“BigVisible’s Business Agility offerings strengthen our Agile Transformation Solution,” said Rudd. “Customers obtain an adaptive framework that accelerates performance and the foundation to effectively compete and win in the 21st-century innovation economy.”

When asked how the companies’ cultures will affect the acquisition, Rudd said, “We are extremely confident this combination will succeed as both companies have a deep commitment to Agile values and leading customers on their Agile journey. We share a vision of the future where business Agility is the standard, not the exception. It will be exciting to watch what emerges from this grand collaboration.”

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