Certified ScrumMaster Training

SolutionsIQ Certified ScrumMaster Training gives you all the tools and information you need to effectively apply Agile and Scrum project management principles to your project or program.


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SolutionsIQ India

Agile Coaching, Agile Consulting and Agile Training in India

SolutionsIQ India is a fully-owned subsidiary of SolutionsIQ, based out of Bengaḷūru (Bangalore), India. As a premier provider of Agile coaching, consulting, training, and distributed Agile development for organizations, SolutionsIQ India, led by Vibhu Srinivasan, is particularly well-suited to servicing clients with global operations.

SolutionsIQ Distributed Team Service

SolutionsIQ's Agile Distributed Team Service leverages the same techniques that our consultants have successfully implemented across many organizations around the globe.

Going distributed allows your teams to scale in multiple configurations driven by size and situation. Doing so in an Agile way promotes risk management and confidence with transparency in delivery. Read more about Agile development services offered by SolutionsIQ.

Agile Coaching, Consulting and Training

SolutionsIQ offers both public and private courses in Agile that are appropriate for any role—software delivery teams, programmers, testers, other engineers, and project managers, as well as business leaders and executives. Our hands-on training provides the knowledge and skills required to realize the full benefits of Agile.

Our community of Scrum coaches and consultants work hand-in-hand with clients to deliver world-class consulting across the globe. Thought leadership is frequently contributed through the Agile Alliance, Scrum Alliance, and various Agile-focused, international conferences. Highlights of our training include:

  • Premium facilities, selected by our team of event coordination specialists
  • Internationally acclaimed Certified Scrum Trainers as recognized by the Scrum Alliance
  • Catering servicesCatering services, with India-specific dining favorites

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SolutionsIQ's Enterprise Agile Consulting division provides unified services across international borders, leveraging our distributed coaching network to deliver client-specific, customized training solutions in India. Our enterprise-level services include:

Now Hiring! Bangalore, India

If you or someone in your network satisfies the following criteria, we would love to hear from you:

  • Are you an experienced Agile practitioner who likes the rhythm of shipping high quality complex software and can work in a fun-filled productive organization where success is defined by you and your team?
  • Can you roll up your sleeves to write tests and code elegantly in Java, C#, or Ruby on Rails?
  • Are you eager to practice test-driven development, pair programming, and other tenets of Agile development?
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Contact Information

For more information, contact at (080) 2344 9999 or at Vibhu@SolutionsIQ.com.