Certified ScrumMaster Training

SolutionsIQ India Certified ScrumMaster Training gives you all the tools and information you need to effectively apply Agile and Scrum project management principles to your project or program.


Certified Scrum Training in India

Vibhu Srinivasan, Certified Scrum Trainer

Vibhu Srinivasan has been an Agile expert for over a decade. As a Certified Scrum Trainer, Agile coach, and Certified Scrum Practitioner, he works with customer organizations of all sizes to enhance agility and implement Scrum project management principles.

Known for his leadership skills, Vibhu has directed offshore distributed team development and managed large projects from both sides of the Pacific. A skilled software developer, he has depth of experience in virtual computing, gaming, financial systems, engineering, and architecture.

In his 16 years as a senior technologist, Vibhu’s roles have included Chief Architect, Business Analyst, Technical Lead, and Developer across multiple industries. He got his first taste of Agile when he began practicing Extreme Programming (XP) in 1998. His extensive technical background covers virtualization in the cloud, Semantic Web, online gaming, .NET stack, J2EE stack, Web 2.0, enterprise application integration, and various other software development methodologies. An ardent test driven developer, he writes code in Java, C#, and C++. He has also dabbled in the Rails and Grails stacks.

Certified Scrum Trainer and Passionate Agile Engineering Practices Trainer

As a trainer, Vibhu goes beyond Scrum and explains the techniques Agile practitioners need to understand to be successful. He is well known in India and the United States for his engaging and humorous teaching style. Vibhu’s sound knowledge about the local market and its culture creates a delightful learning atmosphere for his students. He teaches engineering practices such as TDD with the same passion and expertise as he teaches Scrum and Kanban.

Vibhu has an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business, and an Electrical Engineering degree from Karnatak University, India.