All of SolutionsIQ’s Agile courses are included in our training roadmap, your guide on your Agile journey. We can also create and deliver custom content based on your unique set of business objectives. Finding the right combination of training to match your needs often requires a strategy that matches a larger set of organizational goals. Let us help you build that plan.


Certification Classes

Our intensive certification courses are taught by one of our Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainers. We’ll cover what you need to know to become a Certified ScrumMaster or Certified Scrum Product Owner, or certified Safe Agilist.

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

This intensive two-day course is taught by a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer. We’ll cover what you need to know, including pragmatic, time-tested practices for managing product backlogs, long and short-range planning, project execution and progress reporting. We’ll also examine different facets of Scrum, including the project lifecycle, roles, ceremonies, and artifacts.

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

As a Product Owner, you are the voice of the stakeholders. You set the vision and are responsible for seeing it through. In other words, you make or break the project. This two-day intensive course is taught by a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer. Participants will learn the core skills to define and manage a prioritized product backlog and make informed trade-off decisions. We’ll help you create realistic product and release plans, so that you can achieve success.

Certified Scrum Developer Lab

This three-day course will equip you with Extreme Programming (XP) practices, such as test-driven development (TDD), refactoring and continuous delivery, to engineer code that is impervious to bugs, easy to tweak, and ready to roll. Our CSD Lab is a high-voltage training session that equips you with the tools you need to achieve technical excellence within a Scrum framework.

Leading SAFe + Beyond a Framework

Leading SAFe is a two-day course geared at leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) toward successfully implementing Agile in your organization. Beyond a Framework is a one-day add-on that dives deeper into how an Agile organization can adapt the key knowledge of the Leading SAFe course to meet their true Agile objectives.


If you already use Agile practices or your organization is adopting Agile methods, earning the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® certification will demonstrate your knowledge of and commitment to this rapidly growing approach to project management.


Our intensive, three-day Certified ScrumMaster + PMI-ACPSM course offers you a strong foundation in the Scrum framework and Agile principles plus an extensive overview of the knowledge areas, tools, and techniques required for the PMI Agile Certified PractitionerSM. The real-world experience of SolutionsIQ’s Certified Scrum Trainers allows us to incorporate practical advice and time-tested techniques into this hands-on workshop.

SAFe Agilist

The SAFe Agilist certification program is for executives, managers and Agile change agents responsible for leading a Lean/Agile change initiative in a large software enterprise. It validates their knowledge in applying the Scaled Agile Framework, Lean thinking, and product development flow principles in an enterprise context so they can lead the adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework.

Foundational Classes

Our Agile foundations courses are highly interactive, hands-on exploration of Agile principles and practices.

Agile Introduction

This one-day Agile training class orients participants in the key Agile principles, roles and processes. The class provides a high-level overview designed as an introduction to Agile. Participants are exposed to the Agile terminology and concepts and are provided with a primer of the key Agile tools and practices.

Agile Foundations

This two-day, intensive training program provides a highly interactive, hands-on exploration of Agile principles and practices. Participants will learn about the Agile software development lifecycle as well as the necessary tips and techniques to create highly productive Agile teams.

Agile Bootcamp

SolutionsIQ’s three-day Agile Bootcamp is a highly experiential class that initiates participants with a hands-on Agile project simulation designed to introduce key Agile terminology, concepts and practices. The program provides an in-depth examination of the Agile project lifecycle including backlog management and long-term planning.

Team Level Courses

We offer private courses in advanced Agile topics. From Agile for project managers and advanced ScrumMaster courses to Agile/Lean portfolio management, we offer courses that are relevant to you and your organization.


Effective backlog estimation a fundamental capability of Agile teams. Consistently accurate estimation drives not only Agile backlog prioritization but also long-term release planning. This specialized drill-down focuses on practical and pragmatic techniques to improve team estimation practices.

Agile QA

Quality Assurance practices on Agile teams shift the focus from late-stage, big-batch test execution, to just-in-time test definition and execution. This two-day training class introduces participants to key quality and testing practices stressing quality integration at every step in the product lifecycle.

Kanban Fundamentals

Kanban is a Lean approach to Agile product development. Participants in this two-day class will learn how the key practices of visualizing workflows and limiting work in progress support rapid and predictable delivery. The class provides a hands-on, experiential exploration of the Kanban mechanics and practices.

Agile Engineering

This three-day immersive workshop that will involve real development and testing. Participants will gain first-hand experience in key Agile/XP engineering practices including: Test-Driven Development (TDD), Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD), Continuous Integration (CI) and Agile emergent design.

Agile UX Design

This two-day class focuses on the role of user-experience design in Agile projects. The course provides key tips and techniques to allow for an iterative and adaptive design process while still ensuring a holistic long-term user vision.

Project/Program Focused Courses

We offer private courses in advanced Agile topics. From Agile for project managers and advanced ScrumMaster courses to Agile/Lean portfolio management, we offer courses that are relevant to you and your organization.

Agile for Product Managers

This two-day hands-on training class is for experienced project managers transitioning to leading Agile and Scrum projects. Participants will learn the key practices and tools needed to successfully lead an Agile project from planning through execution and delivery.

Advanced ScrumMaster

This two-day hands-on training class will focus on providing a deeper exploration into the key ScrumMaster practices and responsibilities. The advanced topics include how to effectively formulate high-performing teams; how to design and facilitate more effective retrospectives; as well as advanced planning, metrics and reporting techniques.

Agile/Lean Portfolio Management

This two-day advanced workshop will take your team through a practical, and intensive hands-on journey of applying Agile, Lean and Kanban to your Portfolio Planning and Management. The workshop will focus on new and innovative methods for planning, prioritizing, sizing and managing your portfolio of initiatives – leaving you with methods you can begin to apply immediately.

Project Manager/Product Owner Focused Courses

Our workshops are designed to show you small ways to get started right away, fostering innovation inside your existing business. We also offer courses designed to help you articulate and validate your vision, on topics such as the business model canvas. You don’t have to be a startup to innovate like one.

Agile Product Management

This two-day hands on training class covers core product management principles and process – focused on the best practices needed to deliver more value to the business and communicate more effectively with development teams. Develop practical experience around the development of go-to market and post release strategies, shortened customer feedback loops and building product vision, strategy, and roadmaps.

Product Owner Bootcamp

This two-day ands on training course dives deeper into the Product Owner role, providing insight into the skills needs to successfully plan releases, reflect stakeholder priorities, ensure the team builds the right product, and communicate with marketing, sales, executives, and other project stakeholders.

Agile Requirements and User Story Training

Agile software development is meant to be incremental and iterative, which makes the requirements process tricky. Upfront documentation feels like a strait jacket, but operating without structure can lead to chaos. User stories, an XP technique, can optimize how you elicit, analyze, and manage your requirements. Working in groups this one-day workshop will explore personas, story decomposition, and story mapping.

Managers and Executive

Our executive and management courses introduce the main concepts behind Agile to those in leadership and management roles while providing a strategic view of how to successfully transform an organization.

Enterprise Lean Startup

This two-day workshop introduces core tools and concepts related to Lean Startup, Business Model Generation and Customer Development to enable an experiment-driven product approach. You will design a new product and gain experience through validated hands-on exercises, and explore some of your organization’s potential initiatives.

Agile Leadership

This two-day course is designed to help Agile business leaders acquire capabilities and tools that will help them improve the performance of their teams in core projects. We offer a fully immersive course focused on personal leadership and agility tools, providing practical experience on how to apply these tools to relevant real-life business cases.

Agile for Managers

This course will look at the holistic and organizational impact Agile can have on various aspects of the organization such as roles, cross-functional teams as well as visibility to metrics at the team, program and portfolio level. This course will help you design a powerful structure for creating an environment that supports the development and growth of Agile capabilities across your organization beyond the two days of the workshop.

Agile for Executives

The Senior Management team plays a critical role driving and supporting the changes that occur to structure, responsibilities and process in the evolution of an Agile organization. The course begins with the senior team developing a clear vision of the business outcomes they expect to achieve by becoming more Agile . This will include a deep dive into the existing processes, structures and beliefs that underlie the existing organization, and evaluation of those structures against their goal for agility. These inquiries will then lead to organization-specific discussions to develop plans and structures to support the transition. Instructors are senior-level consultants in organizational agility transformation, and they will work directly with you to develop a tailored plan to address your specific goals and constraints.

Agile Transformation

Our executive and management courses introduce the main concepts behind Agile to those in leadership and management roles while providing a strategic view of how to successfully transform an organization.

Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile

This one-day workshop is designed to help project and team leaders transition from a traditional/waterfall environment to utilizing Agile frameworks. This course will enable participants to deepen their awareness of how subtle shifts in language, culture and leadership style can make a big impact on an Agile adoption.

Agile Coaching Bootcamp

This three-day interactive workshop will help you develop the coaching skills from those needed by a ScrumMaster of one or a few teams all the way up to the highly skilled program-level multi-team Agile Coach. Learn from the experts.