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Scrum teaches teams to break large tasks into smaller, manageable slices of work called “user stories” that the team can complete in short iterations. Scrum teams are highly productive and release a better product at a decreased project risk.

Our Certified Product Owner Training course introduces all the principles, techniques, and fundamental knowledge that you and your team need to get started with Scrum and Agile. The course also focuses on the key duties of the Product Owner. The Product Owner ensures that the team delivers value to the business by prioritizing the user stories that the team needs to do in order to ship a deliverable product increment.

On successful course completion, you will be eligible to receive your CSPO certificate from Scrum Alliance. The cost of the course includes a two-year membership in Scrum Alliance.

Course Topics

Our Certified Scrum Product Owner Training course is interactive and highly experiential. SolutionsIQ’s highly-regarded Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs) share time-tested practices to enable project success with Scrum. Participants gain practical tools and techniques for engaging with software delivery teams.

Highlights of the course include:

  • Agile values, principles, and practices
  • Scrum foundations
  • Scrum Roles and their responsibilities
    • ScrumMaster, Delivery Team, and Product Owner
  • Product planning in Agile
    • Product visioning, roadmaps and release plans
    • Product Backlogs
    • Product Backlog Items (PBIs, such as user stories)
    • Acceptance criteria
  • Prioritizing the backlog
  • Estimating backlog items
  • Working with teams within the Scrum framework
  • Scaling
  • Metrics and reporting

Course Completion

As an attendee, you must meet the following course requirements to receive the CSPO course certificate:

  • Complete the prerequisite reading.
  • Attend both days of the course in their entirety.
  • Participate in all group discussions and exercises.

Next Steps

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