The Enterprise Build-Measure-Learn Network

Build -> Measure -> Learn loops are often broken in large organizations, mostly due to the fact that functional silos do not enable validated learning.

These functional silos, coupled with large batch builds, often result in measurements being conducted on an ad hoc basis in isolation without context.

Broken loops make validated learning difficult

Networks Enable Validated Learning

If you do decide to hone in on actionable metrics, create a network that connects those who are measuring the outcomes of all of your hard work.

Validated learning requires a network

Validated Learning Should Feed the Product Backlog

Once the network is created, take these collective learnings back to the product owner. Unless you feed these back into the backlog all of your data crunching will go ignored on a wiki somewhere.

Validated learning is only possible when collective learnings become part of the product backlog

Once the Build -> Measure -> Learn network is created in your organization, you will not only will feed validated learning back into your backlog, but you will also help break down those functional silos to deliver value.

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