Who We Are

At SolutionsIQ, helping companies navigate the complexities of transitioning to Agile is what we do best. When Agile was still in its infancy, we began to implement its principles and practices. Now Agile and Scrum are an integral part of our internal operations. We use Agile to deliver our Agile solutions and services to a diverse clientele in every major vertical. With offices on both US coasts and in India, we can bring a custom Agile Transformation Solution to wherever you may be.


Our Mission

We believe in the boundless potential of people.

We unlock the creative power of organizations to transform uncertainty into opportunity and continuously renew competitive advantage.

Join the Team!

SolutionsIQ is always looking for Agile practitioners to join our team of innovative thought leaders and work with our clients across the U.S. on exciting, cutting-edge projects. Our consultants and coaches help our clients navigate through the challenges in their unique Agile transformations to enable Agility across the entire organization. Qualified ScrumMasters, Product Owners, Agile Developers and Change Catalysts will find themselves amid likeminded individuals who are passionate, experienced and fun!

If you like what you see, come join the team!

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Our Fearless Leaders

A strong enterprise is built on strong leadership. Our leadership team has a wide breadth of experience and a deep knowledge of how to drive an Agile business. We apply Agile principles and practices both internally and externally, so that we accurately represent our business and our business goals.

SolutionsIQ has so transformed our leadership and management approach that we are one of a select few companies participating in the Learning Consortium for the Creative Economy.

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Our Global Reach

Scaling out an Agile transformation across an enterprise often transcends geographical boundaries and time zones. SolutionsIQ offers delivery capabilities and experience in key locations worldwide to help you realize your global Agility objectives. Our overseas headquarters are conveniently located in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, to help businesses throughout the APAC region and the world achieve Agile at a global scale. Our Agile coaches and consultants guide you through the change management process to address key cultural dynamics impeding you from reaching your business goals.

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