The Agile organization is enabled by Agile leadership

We began using Agile when it was still brand new. Now we are helping other organizations — from large international conglomerates to small boutique agencies — navigate through to a successful Agile transformation. Our journey informs our ability to guide others through their Agile journey. We have had to grow and change, especially in terms of who manages whom and how.

At the head of our Agile organization are the Rudd brothers, Charlie and John. Their dedication to championing Agile as a mindset, as a tool, and as a way of running a business has helped us establish a strong Agile community, the backbone of our business. Daily we strive to answer the following questions: “What is an Agile organization?” and “What is Agile leadership?

We believe the key to success in the unfolding innovation economy will be to develop a strong Agile community through committed Agile leadership.

Charlie Rudd


As the CEO of SolutionsIQ, Charlie leads the company’s exploration of what it means to be an Agile enterprise. His 30 years of experience includes systems development, program management, executive leadership, and business management. He has worked in the public and private sectors, including the software and consulting industries. Over the last 9 years, Charlie has been on the forefront of applying Agile principles to business management and executive leadership.

    John Rudd


    John is an industry leader in the emerging field of Agile portfolio services, which includes developing Agile business cases, transitioning from “buy and hold” strategies to dynamic funding of programs, and assessing risk and capturing business value under highly uncertain conditions. With 7 years of experience in the Agile space, his practice areas include change management, Agile portfolios, governance, and executive alignment.

    John’s experience includes managing partner at a financial consulting and investment banking firm, where he focused on advisory services, mergers and acquisitions, and interim management. He has filled interim executive roles (CEO, CFO, and Chief Restructuring Officer) for companies in a variety of industries. He has BS in Economics from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from the University of Southern California. Learn more about John in this InfoQ interview as he discusses using real options for Agile portfolios and projects.

      Tisha Cornwall

      Vice President/Finance and Controller

      As the head of SolutionsIQ’s Finance, HR, and IT departments, Tisha is responsible for the financial and administrative objectives of the company. She has 15 years of accounting and business management experience in the private sector — her areas of expertise include business process definition, cash management, financial analysis, report development, and training. She also has 5 years’ experience implementing financial and business systems, including software selection and configuration, systems integration, data conversion, and financial reporting.

      Prior to joining SolutionsIQ in 2005, Tisha worked as a controller and business consultant. Her industry experience includes Seed and Grain, Construction Equipment Sales and Rentals, Telemarketing Call Centers, Courtroom Technologies, Healthcare Associations, Car Rentals, Power and Energy Solutions, Laser Manufacturers, Technology Staffing, and Professional Services. She received her BS in Finance from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

        Bryan Stallings

        Consulting Excellence

        Bryan guides the efforts of the SolutionsIQ consultant community to develop and expand our industry-leading customer solutions, and to continually enhance our professional expertise and capabilities. Hired when SolutionsIQ had just begun its own agile transformation, Bryan was our 2nd consultant, so he knows the territory well! Since that time Bryan has been providing strategic leadership to our clients in their efforts to successfully transform their organizations into happy, fast, smart companies and teams that achieve excellence.

        Bryan has been catalyzing success within agile teams since 2004 when he led the first ever large-scale Scrum implementation to dozens of teams. As an expert facilitator, coach and management consultant, Bryan draws on more than 15 years of personal experience in technology organizations, from small to the Fortune 50. He’s had roles in operations, performance improvement, transformative leadership, consulting, team coaching, and training. A Certified Scrum Trainer, Bryan regularly leads Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Scrum Product Owner training courses. Join him there and you won’t regret it—-he has personally trained and coached over 4,000 individuals on teams in Scrum and agile techniques.

        Bryan has an MBA in International Business from the University of South Carolina, and a BA in Business and Spanish from Utah State University. He is fluent in Spanish.

          David Wylie

          Agile Software Development Services

          Dave oversees the delivery efforts of SolutionsIQ’s Agile software development teams. Using Agile management, he collaborates with customers on prioritization, successful delivery, and ongoing enhancements to software and application systems. The results are frequent delivery of high-quality software, incrementally increasing business value while reducing risk and time to market.

          An experienced leader, David has worked as a software developer, tester, analyst, project manager, and consultant during his 27-year career. He has also been a principal at two technology project management consulting firms. During the last 19 years, he has advised a wide variety of industries – including telecommunications, insurance, and healthcare – on effective implementations of technology. David has a BS in Forestry and an MBA.

            Vibhu Srinivasan

            Managing Director, SolutionsIQ India

            As Managing Director of SolutionsIQ India, Vibhu is responsible for our business operations and delivery teams based in Bangalore. With over a decade of experience in Agile practices, he has a deep understanding of software delivery excellence, Agile coaching and consulting, and building large-scale systems and high-performance sustainable organizations.

            An Agile coach and consultant, Vibhu has successfully led many Agile transitions. He has an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business, and an Electrical Engineering degree from Karnatak University, India.

              Jeff Leach

              Managing Director

              With a keen understanding about the how and why of design and the vision to improve processes, Jeff brings his experience as a leader of software quality and technology management to drive the adoption of Agile methodologies throughout an organization. For more than a decade, Jeff has orchestrated process and technical improvement interventions that implemented best practices to reduce operational costs, increase customer satisfaction, and improve the overall process and product quality while establishing a culture of trust, value, and teamwork within client organizations.

              Jeff is known for his mission of EEE—Educate and Empower Employees—which has led him to follow his passion to facilitate training programs and workshops. These workshops create employee value by instilling a paradigm shift to data driven and analytic decision making to fuel an organization’s increasing ROI. His collaborative working style provides technical guidance that encourages the sharing of innovative ideas to streamline business processes and achieve operational excellence. Jeff’s specialties include Lean, Scrum, and XP methodologies and coaching Agile teams in challenging environments.

              An early adopter of tech toys and technology, Jeff holds an MBA and an undergraduate degree in Information Technology/Database Administration.

                Evan Campbell

                Managing Director, Lean Startup and Innovation

                Evan Campbell is a Technology Executive and Management Consultant with 20 years’ experience building, leading, and advising high-performance technology organizations. His focus areas include: Scrum and Agile Software Development, Lean Product Development, Quality Assurance, and IT Transformations. Before rejoining SolutionsIQ, Evan was a Principal at BigVisible Solutions. Before that Evan was VP of Product Development for Alteryx, leading the release of their ground-breaking Cloud Analytics platform. Evan was the Principal Consultant and Founder of Chinook Software Consulting. He held VP of Professional Services roles building two well-known Agile consulting organizations: Rally and SolutionsIQ (where he was also CTO at the time). Evan has held CTO, CIO, and VP of Services roles in several public, private, and venture-funded companies in various industries. He has had P+L responsibility over million, managed teams of over 200 developers, has co-founded a start-up and brought it to successful exit, and has worked with over a hundred clients ranging from software start-ups, leading hardware and electronics systems manufacturers, and Fortune 100 IT organizations.

                  Howard Sublett

                  Director, Public Training

                  Howard is responsible for managing public and private trainings, seeking new talent, business development, overseeing coaching and client alignments, and constantly advocating for our internal culture and community. As an Agile coach, he works with other coaches on engagement strategy and helps ensure they are happy fulfilling their engagements. Howard was a member of the BigVisible Leadership Team before he joined SolutionsIQ. Before that, he was the Operations Manager of the Scrum Alliance, and the Product Owner for their website, He is a people person, team player, entrepreneur, and problem solver.

                    Allison Nickel

                    Human Resources

                    Allison Nickel is a Pacific Northwest native, UW Husky, and classic car lover. While her degree from the University of Washington is in Finance, she has found her true passion is working with people and helping to continuously improve the workplace experience. Allison has 10 years of experience working in HR which spans the construction, restaurant/retail, and health insurance industries. She has extensive hands-on experience leading HR initiatives including policy design, compensation, conflict resolution and communications, regulatory compliance, HR workflow development, training and development, and benefits administration. Allison’s mission is to make a difference one interaction at a time!

                      Roxi Ozolins

                      Marketing/Brand Strategy

                      Roxi leads the Marketing team at SolutionsIQ. Her areas of expertise include digital marketing, brand strategy, advertising, strategic partnerships, content marketing and automation. She holds her Bachelors of Science in Business Psychology, as well as a Masters in Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology and Business Behavior.

                      When not working she is on the beach with her Boston Terrier, Atlas, watching hockey, hiking, and enjoying a Whiskey – all at the same time.

                      Her first career aspirations were focused on becoming an archaeologist, you know like Indiana Jones. Nailed it.

                        Halim Dunsky

                        Director, Managing Consultant, Senior Agile Consultant, Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Certified Scrum Professional

                        Halim has more than 35 years of experience in organizational and project leadership, creative problem-solving, and product and systems development in commercial software, consulting, corporate IT, education, and community organizations. He has held a wide variety of leadership and technical positions at companies such as Microsoft, Deloitte and Touche, and Bank of America. During his tenure at SolutionsIQ, his roles have included Director of Delivery Excellence, Coaching Office Product Owner, Managing Consultant, Agile Coach, and ScrumMaster, on multiple engagements within and outside the software domain. He has helped shape large Agile adoption and organizational change programs and has used Scrum and Kanban with clients and as a member of the SolutionsIQ leadership team.

                        Halim was an invited speaker for the 2014 Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference and has been a webinar presenter in Agile methods and a conference presenter at Agile2010 and Agile Open Northwest. He was Director of Operations and a founding Core Faculty member at Bainbridge Graduate Institute, where he taught systems thinking to MBA students. Halim received his M.A. in Organizational Systems from Saybrook Graduate School.