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The Agile Amped podcast series brings Agile news and events to life. Fueled by inspiring conversations, innovative ideas, and in-depth analysis of enterprise agility, Agile Amped provides on-the-go learning – anytime, anywhere. Just a few of our guests include:

  • Doug Kirkpatrick
  • Bill Joiner
  • Steve Denning
  • Ken Rubin
  • Scott Ambler
  • Pete Behrens
  • Chet Hendrickson and Ron Jeffries
  • Diana Larsen
  • Dean Leffingwell

Sneak Peek of What’s Coming Your Way

Intersection of Agile and Change Management

Tim Creasey points out that change management aims to “prepare, equip and support people to be successful in the changes” requested of them, and that process needs time to take effect.

Uncover the True Cost of Delay

Johanna Rothman previews her new book “Diving For Hidden Treasures: Uncovering the Cost of Delay in Your Project Portfolio”. This book focuses on the causes of cost of delay and also how cost of delay can be used to rank portfolio investments.

Managing For Happiness

Jurgen Appelo discusses the virtuous cycle between happiness and success, how frameworks can’t simply be “installed” on people and how “recipes” or “workouts” for successful management resonate more with him