Scrum of Scrums

Similar in intent to the daily scrum (or daily stand up), the scrum of scrums is a daily communication forum commonly used in larger projects utilizing multiple scrum teams. As more teams are introduced, the likelihood of intra-team impediments due to overlapping work and dependencies increases. The scrum of scrums is an effective way of managing these impediments. Typically, this meeting occurs after all of the individual team scrum meetings have been completed. An individual from each scrum team (usually the scrum master) is tasked with representing the scrum team in this meeting. The agenda of this meeting is virtually identical to that of the daily scrum, other than the three questions are modified slightly to better reflect the focus on teams.

  • What did my team accomplish yesterday?
  • What will my team commit to, or complete, today?
  • What impediments or obstacles are preventing my team from meeting its commitments?