A framework for the iterative development of complex products, particularly software. Scrum is the most widely recognized Agile framework, and is compatible with other Agile practices like Extreme Programming. Scrum is comprised of a series of short iterations – called sprints – each of which ends with the delivery of an increment of working software. The framework is comprised of: Three roles:

  • Product Owner
  • ScrumMaster
  • (Scrum) Team

Four ceremonies:

  • Daily Standup Meeting
  • Sprint Planning Meeting
  • Sprint Review
  • Retrospective

Three artifacts:

  • Burndown charts
  • Product backlog
  • Sprint backlog

Sometimes the term Scrum is used interchangeably with the term Agile, but this is incorrect. Agile is not a framework, but a broader set of values and practices, while Scrum is a specific framework that fits comfortably under the Agile umbrella.

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