The ScrumMaster is responsible for maintaining the Scrum process and the overall health of the team. The ScrumMaster assures that the team is fully functional and productive. The ScrumMaster performs this role by administering the Scrum ceremonies, facilitating the organic self-organization of the team, and removing any obstacles that may be impeding the team’s progress. What the ScrumMaster is not:

  • The ScrumMaster is not the task master, since the team is responsible for assigning its own tasks.
  • The ScrumMaster is not the supervisor of the team, since the supervisor/subordinate relationship may impede the organic self-organization of the team.

A good ScrumMaster proactively anticipates problems, opportunities for improvement, and conducts pre-planning so the team can focus on delivering its sprint commitments. The ScrumMaster also keeps the team honest regarding its commitments and helps the team identify opportunities to improve collaboration. In Scrum, when the Scrum roles are properly fulfilled there is no need for a traditional project manager to supervise the team. Nevertheless, many organizations choose to retain project managers, after they adopt Scrum, to perform functions that extend beyond the scope of the Scrum team functions.

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