Sprint Planning Meeting

Each sprint begins with a two-part sprint planning meeting, the activity that prioritizes and identifies stories and concrete tasks for the next sprint. For a one-month or four-week sprint, this two-part meeting should last eight hours; for a two-week sprint, it lasts about four hours. As a general rule of thumb, the number of weeks in a sprint multiplied by two hours equals the total length of the spring planning meeting.

  • Part one of the sprint planning meeting is a review of the product backlog. This is when the product owner describes what needs to be built for the next sprint. During this part of the meeting, it is not uncommon for the team to discuss the sprint objectives with the product owner, and ask clarifying questions and remove ambiguity.
  • During part two of the sprint planning meeting, the team decides how the work will be built. The team will begin decomposing the product backlog items into work tasks and estimating these in hours. The product owner must be available during this meeting but does not have to be in the room. The output of the second planning meeting is the Sprint Backlog.

What’s Next?

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