Explore nine domains that transform leadership and unlock competitive advantage.

The two-day Intentional Agile Leadership workshop enables you to begin to develop the skills and mindsets needed to lead your company’s transformation towards greater business agility.  The workshop brings participants on a journey across 9 domains of agile leadership.

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What You Will Learn

Mastering Agile Leadership techniques and skills will require both time and practice, this workshop will prepare you to begin your transformational journey.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide examples of how the internet, digital platforms, big data, mobility, and connectivity of devices and people have led to rapid globalization, explosive market disruptions, low barriers to entry and new requirements for business.
  • Provide concrete examples of how global challenges have changed the business climate for specific organizations or industries (e.g., transformed public opinion, spawned political and social movements such as sustainable development, altered the economy, etc.)
  • Identify the shortcomings of management practices initially developed to control industrial production when it comes to cultivating organization-wide learning and innovation.
  • Explain how relevant business movements contribute to organizational agility and how exemplar organizations have achieved agility in various aspects of their operations.
  • Contrast leadership and management approaches and describe the necessary mindset, behavioral and priority shifts necessary for agile leaders. Identify necessary shifts in one’s own behaviors and attitudes.
  • Reflect upon the different kinds of leadership styles that might best serve different situations and cultures
  • Explain intra-personal as well as inter-personal aspects of emotional intelligence and identify their own strengths and challenges.
  • Discuss the value of mindfulness, explain research that supports its utility for leaders, and employ at least one mindfulness practice.
  • Explain why the growth mindset is important for the participant’s continuing development as an Agile leader.
  • Identify why boundary spanning is necessary and how they can apply boundary spanning ideas in their own context.
  • Explain how one’s own deeply ingrained assumptions and beliefs could impact conversation and identify techniques to explore other people’s mental models.
  • Explain the elements of culture and at least one organizational culture model or theoretical frame and apply that frame to understanding their own organizational culture.
  • Explain key aspects of an Agile culture, recognize the key differentiators of such a culture and explain why these aspects are important for organizational agility.
  • Explain the importance of ingraining a culture of learning, describe at least one model for individual growth, and list tools for growing team capabilities.
  • Explain various structural and process views of organizations that impact the ability to succeed as an Agile organization.


While there are no required pre-requisites for this course, it is highly suggested that participants have a foundational understanding of Agile values, principles, practices and terminology.

  • ICP-ALP is a registered trademark of ICAgile.

What’s Included

  • All materials needed to complete class such as writing utensils, paper, and a participant workbook.
  • Light breakfast refreshments such as coffee and juice, fruit and yogurt, or muffins.
  • Lunch such as a boxed lunch or sandwich buffet.
  • Light afternoon snack such as cookies, fruit, or trail mix.
  • ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Leadership (ICP-ALP) certification fee

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By actively participating in both days of the Intentional Agile Leadership event, you’re eligible for the ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Leadership (ICP-ALP) certification.

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