Brent Barton

Brent Barton has an extensive background mentoring and guiding whole organizations toward agility. Brent has certified thousands of people in Scrum techniques, and has trained and mentored many more. The Agile mindset is open, seeking to extend knowledge from other disciplines such as complex adaptive systems, lean thinking, user experience design and innovation. Brent understands the Agile journey from the perspective of both a practitioner and a coach.

Brent has served in the roles of software engineer, development manager, technical project manager and portfolio manager in addition to executive roles during his more than twenty years experience. Brent has also coached and consulted for some of the top organizations in the world that want to leverage what Agile offers. Brent’s passion for helping individuals, teams and organizations build great software has shown to be a considerable asset for companies he has worked with. Brent is founder and principal of his most recent startup, River Rock Endeavors, LLC (

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