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A Business Agility Mindset

Built on a foundation of Agile and Lean principles, business agility fosters a culture of engagement, collaboration and innovation that involves all levels of the organization from development teams to portfolio management and leadership. The resulting Agile enterprise is a highly-adaptive, continuously learning business that is capable of rapidly delivering customer value and responsively pivoting even complex, large-scale programs.

Our Business Agility Transformation solution comprises multiple offerings, from DevOps, enabling your business and IT to work together to release high-quality product; to Agile, enabling organizational responsiveness and delivery; to Innovation and Org Strategy & Function, enabling market-driving and disruptive innovation – all packaged within a holistic container of leadership and change management. Our holistic solution helps you define your vision for where you want to go, why you are undertaking your Agile journey, what benefits you hope to achieve and establishes the means to measure progress. It is powered by systems thinking and change management models to ensure we look at the whole enterprise and to ensure we help you establish a strategy and a roadmap to success with lasting results.

Our Business Agility Transformation Solution

There are many ways to go about gaining new capabilities. Today, it is likely that businesses have market and strategic goals that align with at least one of our solution domains, making the transformation journey easier to justify and get started. We provide multiple entry points into your transformation. However, to gain all of the business agility capabilities, you need to move through all of the domains.

  • DevOps transformation accelerates business results, by creating alignment and collaboration between Development and Operations to release high-quality product to customers.
  • With Agile transformation, learning and value delivery occur quickly and frequently, managers become champions of lean efficiency, and your organization becomes more resilient to change. Agile improves the entire organization, not just development teams.
  • Digital transformation enables you to exploit rapid learning, experiment with and optimize business models, rapidly innovate on products and services, and adopt and leverage emerging technologies to gain competitive advantage.

As your organization moves through all of the transformation solution domains, you will see that there are skills and changes that permeate above and beyond each domain individually, but are present throughout all of them. Leadership, a learning culture, and organizational change management are required for long lasting and holistic transformation for success.

Our Approach

Organizations begin their journey to realizing Business Agility through one of our transformation solutions.

Through a unique combination of advice, training, coaching, and immersive learning, your organization will learn to create a culture of continuous learning that optimizes itself for health and fitness of purpose and also lead the organization as a complex ecosystem to maximize the potential of its own people and customers.

We’re Here to Help

We treat transformation as a holistic change effort from the start. We engage everyone – from management and leadership to product and finance to delivery and operations teams – in the solution-making process. Most importantly, we meet our clients where they are, and use their business objectives to define success and design our approach, together.

With decades of experience with Agile transformation with many of the largest companies in the world, SolutionsIQ has created the largest community of expert Agile consultants and coaches in the world. Our consultants and coaches are masters of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Extreme Programming (XP), change management and leadership development. As an Agile organization to its core, SolutionsIQ is uniquely qualified to guide transformational performance improvement in all levels, roles, and functions of your enterprise.

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