Despite the huge increase in uncertainty from fast-emerging competitive threats and market disruption, many companies remain blindly faithful to traditional organizational structures, processes and policies designed for the Industrial Age.

In the Information Age, the companies that will compete and win recognize that change must be exploited for competitive advantage, and that business agility – the ability to sense and adapt all aspects of the firm at the pace of market and competitive change – is THE core leadership and organizational competency of the future.


Business agility is THE core leadership and organizational competency of the future.

The Path to Business Agility: Holistic Transformation in Uncertain Times

Presented by Evan Campbell and George Schlitz


In this webinar, the first in our Business Agility webinar series, Evan Campbell and George Schlitz look at the traditional business, the stories and the people that make it what it is, and ask WHY: why do businesses continue to value the old ways and why are people at the center of the need for change? He will also compare today’s businesses with the learning organization, which embodies business agility, and ask HOW: how does business agility enable enterprises to thrive in complexity and how can we transform businesses into learning organizations?

Leadership Effectiveness: Guiding the Way to Business Agility

Presented by George Schlitz and Katrina Ferguson


Through decades of research and our own hands-on experience, we know that this kind of change demands more than a behavioral adjustment; it requires a paradigm shift in how leaders think about their role and their organization’s, and how the two blend together. This is Agile leadership in its most essential form.

Organizational Adaptability Through Active Executive Sponsorship

Presented by Brent Barton (SolutionsIQ) and Mike De Luca (Beyond Budgeting Round Table North America)


Many organizations are on their second, third, fourth and even fifth attempts to implement Agile in an effort to update business processes and reap the benefits of enterprise agility. Despite so many failed attempts, they keep trying – but why? Part of the reason is that the need for Agile transformation is still deeply felt, whereas the approach to implementation has been lacking active executive sponsorship.

In this webinar, Brent and Mike discuss how leaders must stop delegating point solutions and start creating an effective organizational change alliance.

Enabling Product Innovation Through Agile Product Management

Presented by Adam Asch and George Schlitz


In this webinar, the fourth installation of the Business Agility Webinar Series, George Schlitz and Adam Asch connects the dots between product management in Agile organizations and product innovation, a capability necessary for business agility. Through compelling stories with enterprise clients, they will cover the key aspects of Agile Product Management and how each differs from their traditional counterparts. They will also provide actionable ways you can assess how your organization’s existing product management is hindering or helping your business agility.

Delivery Agility: The (Imaginary) Battle Between Agile & DevOps

Presented by Dave Haws and Greg Bledsoe

In this webinar, the fifth and final installation in our Business Agility Webinar Series, we seek to return focus to the true problem – actually delivering high-quality products, services and technology using approaches that foster a collaborative, transparent and sustainable culture – which we call “Delivery Agility.” Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Dave Haws and Greg Bledsoe set aside the jargon to identify necessary mindset shifts that still impede Delivery Agility and outline ways that businesses can forge ahead.

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