Rapid Responsive Delivery

Market winning businesses produce high quality products and services, release them to market quickly, and continuously adapt solutions based on feedback and market reaction. To delight customers and satisfy market demand, effective delivery depends on lean execution, immediate response to feedback, and near-zero-defect quality.

To support innovation or any higher business agility capability, enterprises must demonstrate the ability to deliver high-quality products rapidly and continuously — a capability we call Delivery Agility.

Components of Delivery Agility

What is Delivery Agility?

Foundational to Business Agility is the ability to ship high quality fast and responsively without losing market share to smaller, more nimble competitors and while retaining customer loyalty and referrals. This is what we call Delivery Agility. We identify three indicators of Delivery Agility:

  • The ability to build high-quality technology
  • The ability to deliver fast and responsively
  • The ability to thrill users

Build High-Quality Technology

With this competency, organizations:

  • Have a zero-defect culture with near-zero escaped defects
  • Leverage high test automation
  • Automate governance and technical debt tracking
  • Can implement push-button deployment to production with no human configuration
  • Leverage application analytics that provide detailed usage reporting

Deliver Fast and Responsively

With this competency, organizations:

  • Have a short cycle time from ideation to delivery
  • Demonstrate the ability to release to production frequently, if not daily then weekly
  • Retrospect and improve measurably all the time
  • Leverage Continuous Delivery and Deployment pipelines


Thrill Users

With this competency, organizations:

  • Select features intentionally and measure intended outcomes
  • Prioritize small increments that maximize customer value and satisfaction
  • Have a vision and roadmap driving value for specific user and buyer personas
  • Understand the difference between being responsive to users and being an order-taker

Our Transformation Solution

Our transformation offerings build on each other, collectively yielding the set of organizational capabilities required for competitive business agility.

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