The Need for Business Agility

The rate of competitive disruption and the emergence of new business models threatens traditional market leaders. Leading businesses must innovate and deliver more effectively than smaller competitors, while being willing to disrupt their own products and business models to survive and thrive into the future. With business agility, organizations can outlearn and outperform their competition. They can become learning organizations that improve continuously, their success fueled by passionate, empowered employees.

Business agility comprises several critical organizational capabilities:

  1. Deliver Fast and Responsively (Delivery Agility)
  2. Innovate and Disrupt (Product Innovation)
  3. Adapt Organization and Culture (comprising Organizational Adaptability and Leadership Effectiveness)

Building strength in all of these capabilities prepares you to create and execute on your Vision, Strategy, and Goals.

Business Agility: Capabilities of a Learning Organization


Delivery Agility

The capability to deliver high-value products and features fast and responsively while continuously minimizing waiting, waste, and defects


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Product Innovation

The capability to innovate products, services as well as business models to drive and disrupt markets


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Organizational Fitness

The capability to adapt the organization and culture including management models, policies, structures, and processes (Organizational Adaptability) evidenced by leadership styles and skills that engage and empower employees (Leadership Effectiveness)


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The Foundation of Business Agility

With Business Agility, organizations can outlearn and outperform the competition, becoming learning organizations fueled by passionate, empowered individuals. Where are you on your competitive journey? What capabilities do you already know you need to strengthen?

Deliver Fast and Responsively

To deliver great customer experiences to the most valuable markets, organizations must be capable of fast organizational learning supported by frictionless delivery. Organizations must learn how to consistently delight customers and satisfy market demand. Effective delivery depends on Lean execution, immediate response to feedback, and near-zero-defect quality.

Innovate and

In an era of declining return on assets and accelerating corporate turnover, organizations that continuously test and innovate products, services, and business models to drive disruption and seize market share produce higher shareholder returns more consistently, longer. Today the ability to rapidly measure, adapt, and optimize these variables drives business success.

Adapt Organization and Culture

To stay ahead of ever-changing business needs, companies must update their organizational and managerial approaches, reduce bureaucracy, and evolve their cultures. Leaders must exhibit the vision and commitment to develop a culture of continuous learning and adaptation in order to optimize flow of value to customers and exploit market opportunity.

How to Unlock Business Agility

Leveraging our industry experience, customer feedback, and market data, SolutionsIQ’s solutions deliver the capabilities our clients need to thrive amid rapid change. Our transformative solutions are cumulative: lower-order solutions unlock high-order capabilities. Click on the graphic below to access our transformative solutions.

What’s Next?

Connect with a Solutions Consultant who can help you unlock business agility and put you on the path to becoming a learning organization.

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