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Onsite ScrumMaster certification is foundational to the successes that today’s corporations are experiencing with Agile. SolutionsIQ certified trainers help Agile teams collaborate more effectively to deliver real value — immediately. With SolutionsIQ’s Certified ScrumMaster training, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the ScrumMaster role and be able to effectively champion an Agile mindset within your team and organization. You’ll learn how to:

  • Encourage the progress of an empowered, cross-functional Scrum team
  • Foster collaboration between the development team and the Product Owner
  • Certified ScrumMaster TrainingSupport the rapid identification, resolution or escalation of impediments to outcomes of the development team’s work

SolutionsIQ — More Than Just Training

SolutionsIQ is more than just a training company: we’re the largest pure-play Agile consultancy in the industry. Training is a powerful way to begin your Agile journey, and when you’re ready to do more with Agile, our experienced coaches and consultants are ready to help.

Looking for a Training Course Just For You?

We offer many Agile training opportunities for individuals and groups, in both private and public settings. Check out our course calendar for upcoming classes! <LINK>


“A two-day workshop is worth investing in, and it helps you and your team for years.”

Senior Software Engineer

“The instructors had good real-world experience to share. Running the class like a sprint was a brilliant idea and kept things lively!”

Project Manager

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