24X7 Continuous Testing in current day Software Development

Dr.Ganesh Iyer offered insights on how most of the organizations now using Agile software development methodologies have changed their focus from software development to deliver faster releases—and how this affects the way they test within the sprint. He also spoke about the challenges which include frequent changes in requirements, the addition of incremental features to the product, and release at any point of time and how one can seamlessly address most of these challenges.

About Dr.Ganesh:

Dr.Ganesh Iyer is a QA Architect at Progress with more than twelve years of research and development experience. He is also a professor, an Agile advocate and a public speaker delivering talks, workshops and technical sessions across the globe.

Cultural Agility: The Unfair Advantage?

Knowledge work requires humans to work together. However, we humans are not wired uniformly. We are a product of the culture in which we are brought up, and some of these cultural nuances are simply a result of long-term evolution patterns. Culture is the sum of complex social interrelationships taken in the overall perspective, and hence when we talk of culture, there is no such thing as right or wrong, or better or worse – it is what it is.

However, when we prescribe a framework like Scrum, we try to impose a culture-agnostic way to organize the team. This might be ok to start with, but could a team exploit its natural advantages by piggybacking on its innate cultural strengths? Can teams, and eventually organizations, understand and adapt to their multiple local contexts to ultimately drive better business results?

Presented as part of our Leadership Webinar Series by SolutionsIQ’s Tathagat Varma.

Sustainable Software Design

The average lifespan of a software product stretches to 10 years and frequently the cost of adding features to it grows over time. Developers that use Refactoring and the Agile principle of Continuous Improvement keep the cost flat and in fact, can change the technology in their software stack to keep their product up to date allowing its lifespan to continue indefinitely. Lance offered insights on what Refactoring is and how it contributes to Sustainable Software Design and how to measure and support its adoption.

Lance Kind lives part time in China and the US. He is a publishing author of science fiction and a project management comic series called Scrum Noir which made the Amazon bestseller list for a week. Search for “Lancer Kind” on Amazon.in to see his publications.

DevOps: Unfolding the Mystery

The first episode of a well-carved webinar series.

Presented by Vinay Krishna.

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